Monster Hunting Guide

Monster Hunting Lords Mobile

Monster hunting is a vital part of Lords Mobile, the benefits of hunting monsters are remarkable. You get the gear materials that can be used to Forge Gears, you get the resources and speed ups on hitting the monster, and, the best part is, your whole guild receive a gift when you kill a monster.

There are 18 regular monsters in the game, a new monster invades the kingdom every day, and get rotated after two days. Some monster appears frequently while there are monsters who take longer time to appear.

Even though you can kill any monster by sending any combination of hero, but you can increase the damage with the right combination. There are basically three types of heroes ' combination to kill monsters, Physical, Magical, Physican + Magical. To kill Monsters with DMG Type: Physical, selecting hero combination with high physical damage can be more effective, which can be further optimized by selecting right hero combination.