Frostwing Hunting Guide

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Frostwing Materials

Frostwing Claw, Frostwing Heart, Frostwing Horn, Frostwing Scale

Frostwing Gears

Frostwing Greatsword: Infantry ATK, Cavalry ATK, Ranged ATK
Frostwing Shield: Army DEF, Army Max HP, Wall Def Boost
Frostwing's Breath: Infantry ATK, Cavalry ATK, Gold Production Rate
Frostwing Boots: Cavalry ATK, Siege Engine ATK, Wall Def Boost
Frostwing Armor: Infantry ATK, Ranged ATK, Siege Engine ATK
Frostwing Helm: Ranged ATK, Siege Engine ATK, Army Max HP

DMG Type: Physical
Strong Against: Physical and Magic
Weak Against: Frostwing always aims for the Hero with the highest Max HP. Its icy attacks cover a large area, causing any Hero standing behind the target to take huge damage. Use heroes with skills that allow them to take cover behind Frostwing!